OCS of Puerto Rico

About the Ceremony

Our Community Salutes of San Juan, Puerto Rico is holding its 7th Annual OCS High School Enlistee Recognition Ceremony on May 23, 2019 at 17:30.  Please come out and join us, as we thank the graduating high school seniors (and their parents) who plan to enlist into the military after high school graduation.

We are honor to have as guest speaker BG Dustin Shultz, 1st Mission Support Command/U.S. Army Reserve Puerto Rico. Our host will be BG Juan Reyes, Ayudante General, Puerto Rico National Guard and, Master of Ceremony (MC) 1LT David Carrion Jr.

The activity is being coordinated by our OCS Committee Members:

- Lcdo. Agustín Montañez-Allman (Committee Chair Person)
- Mrs. María Isabel Van Rhyn (Vice-Chair Committee)
- Mrs. Lucy Arce (ARMY Advisory Board & Fomer PR Senate)
- 1SG Alberto García (Aguadilla Company)
- 1SG Enrique Cruz (PR Recruiting District)
- 1SG Juan D. Echevarría (PR National Guard)
- CPT Christopher Jones (US Army Ops Officer)
- DCC/E7 Raúl Rodríguez (US Navy)
- Engr. Rafael A. Torres, PE (Army Grass Root Committee)
- GEN (Ret) Víctor Pérez (Member)
- MG (Ret) Félix Santoni (CASA Emeritus)
- Mr. Abel Ortolaza (Public Affair Specialist)
- Mr. Francisco Rodríguez (Cruz Roja)
- Mr. Héctor Rivera (ARMY ESS)
- Mr. Juan C. Ramírez -Arellano (Member)
- Mr. Luis A. Soto (CASA)
- Mrs. Elba Crespo (Member)
- SFC José Orriola (Guidance Counselor, LPC, MRT)
- Mr. W. Dennis Vélez (OCS Registration System Chapter Administrator)

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